Sunday, November 05, 2006

A View from Above

Ah Swillington, the place of my endevours. This is a pic from the wall looking South East. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Chris Marsh said...

why are you all alone? do you want anyone else sitting out there on your limb?

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Chris Marsh said...

Niels: Re our recent discussion, I suggested this re-definition: ‘permaculture as the means to a land use revolution,’ and you replied: ‘I can see no other way, really, to achieve the goals set out. But how do people's land-use skills increase their access to land?’
The question for me is, who are the ‘people’? If you mean ‘we, the people of Britain’ (not just we permies), and to be socialist about it, ‘the working class of Britain’ (to exclude the big agricultural landowners ‘cultivating’ for subsidies), then I’d argue that ‘we, the people’ have plenty of land already: home gardens, in particular, but ‘we’ are not using that land to best advantage. So a key objective is to increase ‘our’ land-use skills. The question then is how ‘we, the people’ can be helped to see that developing such skills – rather than popping to the supermarket – would be worth our while, and I suggest that knowing how much food could potentially be grown on ‘our’ (existing) land would be impressive, and turn people on to the idea of growing food. Having said which, I’m happy to include small commercial plots dedicated to growing local food for sale via veggie box schemes and at local markets etc. in the investigation.
love, Chris

4:20 AM  
Anonymous ringtor said...

Hi, I'm in Devon on the northern edge of Dartmoor. I started Fukuoka type seeding in an orchard last year and very little grew because it got dry. Nettles and cocksfoot grass took over. I am weeding and leaving weeds as a mulch and will seedball next spring. Wish me luck. I aim to grow some veggies, naked oats and whatever comes but weed out nettles and cocksfoot as they are too strong.

10:01 AM  

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